European Interbalkan Medical Center

Orthopaedics Department

The Orthopaedics Clinics of Athens Medical Group are 24/7 available, providing top quality medical services by highly qualified and experienced staff. In these Clinics are performed all the innovative and minimally invasive orthopaedic operations, by specialized Orthopaedic Surgeons. In addition, a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Unit also operates onsite.

More than 22,000 cases, covering the whole range of Orthopaedics conditions are treated annually in the AMG International Centers of Excellence and Reference, by top orthopaedic surgery experts, with international experience in Europe and the USA.

The Orthopaedic Surgery team use the most up-to-date and innovative techniques and technology, for the diagnosis and treatment of all orthopaedic conditions with the best functional and cosmetic results.

The Orthopaedics Departments is supported by all medical specialties, to ensure that patients conditions are thoroughly assessed, taking always into consideration the best treatment option for each patient.



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Moebius Ulf

Shoulder Arthroscopy

    Sinopidis Christos

    Shoulder Arthroscopy

      Apostolou Thomas

      Total Hip Replacements (AMIS )

        Koukoumpis Theodosios

        Total Hip Replacements (AMIS )

          Eleftherios Tsiridis

          Robotic Total Knee Replacement

            Georgios Goudelis

            Robotic Total Knee Replacement