Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation refers to women who have a small breast and want to enlarge it to that size and shape that will satisfy them physically, aesthetically and psychologically.
In the same category are included, regardless of age, women who have lost the volume of their breast after pregnancy and cessation of breastfeeding, after weight loss, or due to advanced age.
Surgery is forbidden to be performed at younger ages where breast development is not complete.
For breast augmentation it is necessary to place silicone inserts, which must be supplied by recognized and certified companies in order to be absolutely safe.

To place the silicone inserts, a 4 to 5 cm incision is made under the breast, under the nipple, or more seldom in the armpit.
The silicone inserts are placed either under the mass gland or below the major thoracic muscle.
The ideal insert will be selected after measurement the breast and chest. Then, the plastic surgeon uses an algorithm to reach the right dimensions.
After six months the scars should be difficult to spot.
The surgery is performed with general anesthesia and the patient stays in the clinic for one night. Post-operative pain is treated with common painkillers, while patients are recommended to wear a special sports bra for the first few weeks.
After surgery, the breast maintains its normality in terms of its functionality and nipple irritability.”

Clinical Pathway

Investigations (Preoperative check-up)

  • CBC
  • Blood group
  • Rhesus
  • Urea
  • Creatinine
  • K+
  • Na+
  • PT-
  • INR
  • aPTT
  • INR
  • ECG
  • Chest X-Ray


  • 2 days


  • In 10 days assessment by treating physician

Days of Hospitalisation

  • 2 days

1st f-up Appointment, Wound Check, Removal of Stiches/Clips

  • In 1 week clinical assessment by treating physician

Rehabilitation (duration and type)

  • Immediate

2nd f-up Appointment

  • In 1 month clinical assessment in the patient’s own country and in 6 months clinical assessment in the patient’s own country OPTIONALLY

Type of Investigation – Clinical Assessment

  • No

Return to Work

  • 1 week

To be Avoided

  • Avoid physical exercise for 4-6 weeks. APPLY SPECIAL BRA FOR 4 WEEKS
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